Welcome you to the Community Christian Church website! 

     We are a church that is focused on being a community of followers of Jesus Christ where love, caring and friendliness are genuine. We are a church that is small enough to know your name and family members. Our cultural development as a church truly exhibits “community.” Therefore, I encourage you to get to know us as a church family and discover why our motto is: “Community Christian Church, the cure for the common church.”

     I believe everything we do must focus on God and the study of His Word and to know what He would have us to do in our personal, private, professional and public lives. This ministry focuses , life applicable teaching, expository preaching, and discovering the principles of successful Christian living. No matter the season of life in which you may be, he simplicity of the Gospel ensures that you can apply the Word of God to your life.  Again, I welcome you to the Community Christian Church website.


His slave, your servant,
Dr. J. Charles Oggs, Pastor